Most Viewed

Name Description
MComix GTK+ image viewer for comic books
Mirage fast and simple GTK+ image viewer
arCHMage CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor
phpGroupWare Comic phpGroupWare comic strip parser module
Gpdf Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer
KSquirrel Image viewer for KDE
KFax G3, G32, and G4 fax viewer for KDE 4
Makagiga app for doing a variety of tasks, such as text editing, todo listing, feed reading, and simple image viewing/editing
Xloadimage Graphics file viewer under X11
KTnef Viewer for mail attachments using TNEF format
BooKreader Twin-panel e-book reader
Lucidor program for reading and handling e-books
KDVI dvi viewer for KDE
Gloobus enable a full screen preview of any kind of file
Qomics french speaking comics strip collection manager