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Name Description
Pdftk tool for manipulating PDF documents
Recoll Personal full text search package with a Qt GUI
ReadPST Converts Outlook PST files to mbox and others
Pinot meta-search engine for local files and web queries
Strigi Qt4 client for Strigi Desktop Search
Gammu mobile phone management utility
Wordtrans Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
GToDo GNOME to-do list manager
eSpeak Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
KTranslator translate words from one language to another
Kim image service menu for Konqueror
Flite Small run-time speech synthesis engine
scrot command line screen capture utility
Metar utility to download/decode METAR reports
Jackfield Run Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Opera widgets in Gnome
pdftoipe converts arbitrary PDF file to XML file readable by Ipe
Electric Sheep screensaver showing collective dream of sleeping computers
Tux ToDo Simple graphical task manager
QBrew Homebrewer's recipe calculator
UnRTF RTF to other formats converter
PyMETAR Python interface to METAR reports
KSayIt a frontend for the KDE Text-to-Speech system
kio-beagle beagle kio-slave
Antiword Converts MS Word files to text, PS, PDF and XML
beaglefs implements a filesystem representing a live Beagle query