Most Viewed

Name Description
Kerry Beagle a KDE frontend for the Beagle desktop search daemon
GParted GNOME partition editor
Griffith film collection manager
Earth3D Map client displaying a 3D model of the world
View Your Mind (VYM) mindmapping tool
Gourmet Recipe Manager Recipe organizer and shopping list generator
RKWard KDE frontend to the R statistics language
Scilab Scientific software package for numerical computations
GPSMan GPS data graphical manager
OmegaT+ Machine Aided Human Translation tool (and project of tools)
GCstar Manage your collections of movies, games, books, music and more
SearchMonkey search files using regular expressions aiming to replace find/grep tools
Desktop Data Manager Clipboard and screenshot tool
KSnapshot screen capture tool
Istanbul Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video
NoteCase hierarchical note manager (aka outliner)
Kaptain universal graphical front-end for command line programs
Raw Therapee raw image converter and digital photo processor
Semantik/Kdissert mindmapping tool
Katalog CD organizer for KDE
XnView View and convert graphics files
poppler-utils PDF utilities (based on Poppler)
Wammu GTK application to control your mobile phone
Byzanz small screencast creator
GKrellM GNU Krell Monitors