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Name Description
OmegaT+ Machine Aided Human Translation tool (and project of tools)
Wordtrans Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
eSpeak Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
KTranslator translate words from one language to another
Flite Small run-time speech synthesis engine
KSayIt a frontend for the KDE Text-to-Speech system
Epos Text-to-speech system
GNOME Translate GNOME interface to libtranslate
OmegaT Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool
Festival General multi-lingual speech synthesis system
Julius speech recognition engine
Transcriber transcribe speech data using an integrated editor
Express Scribe Digital Transcription Audio Player Software
Xvoice enables speech dictation and control of most X applications
Screader Screen reader using software or hardware speech synthesizer
YASR General-purpose console screen reader
KanjiPad handwriting recognition tool for Kanji
Sphinx speech recognition utilities
KMouth type-and-say frontend for speech synthesizers
Recite English text speech synthesizer
QTrans word translator for KDE4
STranslator Message translator for Skype