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Name Description
Beagle Evolution Backend evolution data backend for beagle
MultiSync Bluetooth Plug-in Adds Bluetooth support to the IrMC plugin
MultiSync Evolution Plug-in Ximian Evolution plugin for MultiSync
MultiSync SyncML Plug-in SyncML plugin for MultiSync
MultiSync Plug-ins Complete MultiSync suite
MultiSync IrMC Plug-in IrMc Mobile plugin for MultiSync
MultiSync WindowsCE Plug-in a plugin for multisync to sync with your WindowsCE devices
MultiSync Palm Plug-in Palm plugin for MultiSync
J-Pilot Plug-ins plugins for jpilot (Palm Pilot desktop)
KDE Bluetooth IrMCSync IrMCSync Konnector for kitchensync
MultiSync Opie Plug-in Opie plugin for MultiSync
J-Pilot Backup Backup plugin for J-Pilot
MultiSync Backup Backup plug for MultiSync
J-Pilot SyncMAL MAL (AvantGo) plugin for jpilot (Palm Pilot desktop)