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Name Description
Tripwire file and directory integrity checker
GKrellM GNU Krell Monitors
Mtink Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers
KSensors lm-sensors frontend for KDE
SMART Notifier graphical hard disk health status notifier
KDiskFree disk information utility
GNOME Sensors Applet Display readings from hardware sensors in your Gnome panel
ps-watcher monitoring a system via ps-like commands
Netspeed Traffic monitor applet for GNOME
smartmontools control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.
Baobab graphical tool to analyse disk usage
hddtemp hard drive temperature monitoring utility
Gmail Notifier Notify the arrival of new mail on Gmail
File Alteration Monitor File Alteration Monitor
GNOME CPUFreq Applet CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet for GNOME
htop interactive processes viewer
Specto Unobtrusive update notification program
KDirStat Transitional package for k4dirstat
durep create disk usage reports
cGmail email checker and notifier applet for the gnome desktop
Sentinella System monitor that can react to user chosen conditions
KCheckGMail A Gmail notifier-like notifier for KDE
iotop simple top-like I/O monitor
Gamin File and directory monitoring system
GLcpu 3D-plotter for system activity