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Name Description
QtParted A parted frontend using Qt
GParted GNOME partition editor
Mtink Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers
Shake Defragmenter defragmenter that runs in userspace
KDE Guidance collection of KDE system administration tools for GNU/Linux
pmount mount removable devices as normal user
cpuid tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)
GSmartControl graphical user interface for smartctl
dmidecode SMBIOS/DMI table decoder
Toshiba Linux Utilities Toshiba laptop utilities
cpuburn Collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU
Toshset Access much of the Toshiba laptop hardware interface
PCI Utils Linux PCI Utilities
defrag ext2, minix and xiafs filesystem defragmenter
Bonager tool for managing your fsck disk scans at startup
Ink tool for checking the ink level of your local printer
KDE Partition Manager file, disk and partition management for KDE
KLineakConfig KDE configurator for lineakd
disktype detection of content format of a disk or disk image
LinEAK Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards
transfermii transfer your mii from and to your wiimotes