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Name Description
Fast User Switch Applet Applet for the GNOME panel providing a menu to switch between users
SuperKaramba Transitional package
Wallpapoz Gnome Desktop Wallpapers Configuration Tool
Glipper Clipboard manager for GNOME
gm-notify highly Ubuntu integrated GMail notifier
Dragbox A command line drag-and-drop tool for GNOME
Gestikk recognizes predefined mouse gestures and executes defined actions
KDocker lets you dock any application into the system tray
Brightside Add reactivity to the corners and edges of your GNOME desktop
Vladstudio Kompanion utility that allows you to monitor, download, and install wallpapers from
Gimmie elegant desktop organizer
Synapse semantic file launcher
Apwal icon-based floating application launcher with transparency
gDeskCal A desktop calendar featuring transparency with smooth alpha-blending
Wbar light and fast launch bar
Wmctrl control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager
xdesktopwaves Simulation of water waves on the X Window System
Kommando a kde wheel-menu to quickly pick menu items with the mouse
MyUnity Unity configurator
ClipIt lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
Easystroke gesture recognition program
Karamba A program improving the eyecandy of KDE
KPager desktop pager for KDE
AutoKey desktop automation utility - KDE version
CopyQ advanced clipboard manager