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Name Description
Katapult item launcher for KDE
Cairo Dock Metapackage for cairo-dock
Klipper clipboard manager
Desktop Data Manager Clipboard and screenshot tool
Jackfield Run Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Opera widgets in Gnome
Pinot Applet dummy transitional package
3D-Desktop Three-dimensional desktop switcher
The Widget Factory a showcase for GTK+ widgets
KXDocker innovative docker for KDE that is like Mac OSX Docker
Avant Window Navigator dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen tracking open windows
unclutter hides the mouse cursor in X after a period of inactivity
Screenlets Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME
Wally Qt4 wallpaper changer
Google Gadgets a platform for running desktop gadgets under Linux
GNOME Do Quickly perform actions on your desktop
Deskbar Applet universal search and navigation bar for GNOME
Kompose full screen task manager for KDE
GNOME Launch Box An application launcher for GNOME
gDesklets Architecture for desktop applets
AllTray Dock any program into the system tray
Parcellite lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
Kupfer fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher
Skippy full-screen X11 task/window switcher, similar to OSX Expose
KSmoothDock Desktop panel for KDE with smooth zooming
aDesklets interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System