Explore Space with Celestia

Celestia is a fun app for anyone interested in astronomy. When you first load it you will be brought to a view of the Earth from Space. This view is a real-time simulation and you can change your point of view by dragging your mouse around. The initial time you see might be in the past (it was 2002 for me), but one of the buttons on the toolbar can bring you up to the current time.

Right clicking on a visible object in space will bring up details about it along with some options for different actions you can take. I choose the Moon and selected the Goto option. In short order I was on my way with the Moon rapidly filling up my screen. After right-clicking on the Moon again I noticed a menu called Satellites which listed Apollo 11. You can actually sync your orbit with the Apollo 11 space craft and see what it can see. How cool is that! Now I was curious. What does Celestia list as orbiting the earth?

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