Is VMware Player Faster than VMware Server?

I've been a VMware Player user since it was first released, but I recently decided to switch to VMware Server when I found out that it supports dual processors and snapshots. To my dismay I frequently experienced mouse lag, slow graphics, and keyboard sticking. Switching back to VMware Player resolved my issues and was noticeably faster. Has anyone else seen a performance difference between the two?

Switching from Windows to Linux using VMware Player

If you didn't just recently start using a computer, chances are your first time using Linux comes after switching from Windows. For most people this involves two key challenges: getting used to a different windowing interface; and learning to use new applications. These days the first challenge is getting ever easier with the KDE and Gnome desktops continuing to improve and distros adding better hardware configuration tools. It's the second challenge, however, that still continues to confound many of us.

Years of training in Photoshop is hard to replace overnight, and even though programs like the GIMP are feature equivalent in the areas that most users will ever need, there might be that one feature that you can't live without.

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