Konqueror Tip: Saving the Window Size

I always found it strange that I could open Konqueror, resize it, and close it; only to have it appear again at the original size the next time it launched. I had checked the Configure Konqueror options under the Settings menu before, but never found anything. It was only after reinstalling Kubuntu this weekend due to a failed hard drive that I discovered why window size wasn't being saved.

The solution is under the Settings menu, but through Configure View Profiles. Simply select "Save window size in profile", hit Save, and you're d

Video on the Web: Browser Support

While researching the plug-ins piece of this series a problem with browser support became very obvious. My original intention was to test the websites with multiple browsers and report any differences, but quickly determined that my plan wasn't going to work. The sad fact was that Firefox (and presumeably Mozilla as well) was the only one to use the plug-ins properly.

Why Dolphin is a Good Choice for KDE4

I've always been a big fan of Konqueror so when I heard that Dolphin was going to be the new default file manager for KDE4 I was disappointed. But after researching the decision further and actually giving Dolphin a try, I'm a convert.

RPM Installer for Konqueror or Dolphin in Kubuntu

I'm a Kubuntu user and I ran into a situation recently where the app I wanted to install only came in an RPM. I've run into this situation before and always have to remember alien's syntax so I can install the RPM from Konsole. Kubuntu has a menu where I can right-click a DEB file in Konqueror to install it, so why not RPM's? Once I got bored of gripping I decided to create my own.

Konqueror your Desktop with KIO Slaves

KIO slaves are some of the most useful features of the KDE desktop, but many users aren't aware they exist. You probably use some of them know without even realizing it. A kioslave is a protocol that provides support for individual protocols that may provide access to files, web sites, and more. Below I will outline some of the most popular and most interesting kioslaves.

This listing is far from complete. The full list of KIO slaves installed on your system can be found by running KInfoCenter and checking the Protocols section.

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