RPM Installer for Konqueror or Dolphin in Kubuntu

I'm a Kubuntu user and I ran into a situation recently where the app I wanted to install only came in an RPM. I've run into this situation before and always have to remember alien's syntax so I can install the RPM from Konsole. Kubuntu has a menu where I can right-click a DEB file in Konqueror to install it, so why not RPM's? Once I got bored of gripping I decided to create my own.

OpenSUSE rpm Repositories

I'm pleased to announce that Linux App Finder now has links to the latest OpenSUSE repositories. An entry has also been made in the Filter Options page. Because SUSE doesn't always use the same package name as Debian there may be cases when a link doesn't appear when a package actually exists. I have adjusted for this in all the discrepancies that I found, but I'm sure there are some I missed. Please let us know if you find one that is missing. We are also interested in your feedback if there are any specific rpm repositories you would like to see listed that aren't already.

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