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Name Description
IptablesWeb Inspect your iptables logs using a web browser
whowatch Real-time user logins monitoring tool
Splunk Search engine for IT data
Hyperic Open Source Network Management and Monitoring Software
AIDE Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary
openQRM Open Source Systems Management Solution
KTrafficAnalyzer provides visual feedback of your current network traffic
saidar curses-based program which displays live system statistics
IPTraf Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
OpenNMS Open source enterprise network management tool
Samhain Data integrity and host intrusion alert system
KCPULoad a CPU meter for Kicker
Func function
- Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
- Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray and BMRT - just select Tools->Render to start.
- Multi platform program - AC3D file format compatible acros
Gr_Monitor Graphical Process Monitor
OVIS A Tool for Intelligent, Real-time Monitoring of Computational Clusters
Weathermap4RRD script that generates picture network links utilization
Zenoss Open Source Network and Systems Monitoring
NetIQ AppManager Suite real-time diagnostics, advanced analysis and reporting and automated workload capacity management
KNetLoad a network meter for Kicker
Psensor display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature
Conky Manager graphical front-end for managing Conky config files
dnotify execute a command when the contents of a directory change
Bijk Free Performance Server Monitoring for Linux and Cloud servers
PasTmon passive network traffic analyser
UserGate IM Control comprehensive control of IM usage by employees in corporative network