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Name Description
GLcpu 3D-plotter for system activity
AIDE Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary
KNemo network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray
Hyperic Open Source Network Management and Monitoring Software
whowatch Real-time user logins monitoring tool
openQRM Open Source Systems Management Solution
saidar curses-based program which displays live system statistics
KTrafficAnalyzer provides visual feedback of your current network traffic
OpenNMS Open source enterprise network management tool
Samhain Data integrity and host intrusion alert system
KCPULoad a CPU meter for Kicker
IPTraf Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
Func function
- Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
- Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray and BMRT - just select Tools->Render to start.
- Multi platform program - AC3D file format compatible acros
Gr_Monitor Graphical Process Monitor
Weathermap4RRD script that generates picture network links utilization
Zenoss Open Source Network and Systems Monitoring
OVIS A Tool for Intelligent, Real-time Monitoring of Computational Clusters
NetIQ AppManager Suite real-time diagnostics, advanced analysis and reporting and automated workload capacity management
Psensor display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature
KNetLoad a network meter for Kicker
Conky Manager graphical front-end for managing Conky config files
Bijk Free Performance Server Monitoring for Linux and Cloud servers
PasTmon passive network traffic analyser
dnotify execute a command when the contents of a directory change
UserGate IM Control comprehensive control of IM usage by employees in corporative network