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Name Description
Munin network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer)
Zabbix network monitoring solution - PHP front-end
Nagios A host/service/network monitoring and management system
Netdisco Network management and discovery tool
vnStat console-based network traffic monitor
Ethstatus console-based ethernet statistics monitor
Cacti web interface for graphing of monitoring systems
GKrellM GNU Krell Monitors
EtherApe graphical network monitor
darkstat network traffic analyzer
BixData Network and systems monitor
Mtink Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers
AWStats powerful and featureful web server log analyzer
Puppet configuration management system
Ganglia cluster monitoring toolkit - node daemon
KSensors lm-sensors frontend for KDE
Bandwidth Monitor NG small and simple console-based bandwidth monitor
SMART Notifier graphical hard disk health status notifier
eBox transitional dummy package
KDiskFree disk information utility
Monit utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs
lanmap Network discovery tool that produces nice 2d images
GNOME Sensors Applet Display readings from hardware sensors in your Gnome panel
Opsview enterprise network and application monitoring software
NetHogs Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process