Package Managers

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Name Description
Smart Package Manager An alternative package manager that works with dpkg/rpm
Synaptic Graphical package manager
apturl install packages using the apt protocol - GTK+ frontend
Adept package management suite for KDE
APTonCD Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT
Autopackage Easy Linux software installation
GDebi simple tool to view and install deb files - GNOME GUI
PackageKit Provides a package management service
Debian Package Search GUI for searching packages and viewing package information
aptitude terminal-based package manager
Wajig simple and unified package management for Debian
Envy Installer for ATI/AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers
Ara Command line utility for searching the Debian package database
Pacman A simple tar.gz-based package manager for Linux
Xara GTK+ utility for searching the Debian package database
GNU Stow Organizer for /usr/local software packages
pkgutils Software management utilities
epkg An Encap Package Manager
deborphan program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries
Klik download and run software without installation
KPackageKit KDE package management tool - transitional package
Paco simple but yet powerful source code package management system
Glick a runtime-less application bundle system for linux
KPackage KDE package management tool
Debfoster Install only wanted Debian packages