KDE Control Center


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Name Description
KTux Tux screensaver for KScreenSaver
KDE Bluetooth Framework KDE Bluetooth Framework
KDE Guidance collection of KDE system administration tools for GNU/Linux
KDiskFree disk information utility
KWalletManager secure password wallet manager
KDE Network Filesharing network filesharing configuration module
KDE LIRC Server transitional package for kremotecontrol
KDEPasswd graphical password changing utility
Local Network Chat talk daemon for KDE
KNemo network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray
KGamma monitor calibration panel for KDE
KMRML a Konqueror plugin for searching pictures
GTK-Qt Theme Engine theme engine using Qt 4 for GTK+ 2.x
KSynaptics Synaptics TouchPad configuration tool for KDE
Kamera digital camera support for KDE applications
LILO Config KDE frontend for lilo configuration
KNetworkConf network configuration tool
KMilo laptop special keys support for KDE
KLaptopDaemon battery monitoring and management for laptops using KDE