File Managers

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Name Description
Nao Not another ordinary file manager
mmv Move/Copy/Append/Link multiple files
GPRename Complete batch renamer for Linux
Nemo File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon
GwenRename Batch renamer tool for KDE
ROX-Filer A simple graphical file manager for X11
Regexxer visual search and replace tool
Marlin A sleek and fast GTK3 file manager
Acelet Filer Cross platform file manager
4Pane multi-pane, detailed-list file manager
muCommander cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface
Tux Commander twin-panel (commander-style) file manager using GTK+ 2
Sunflower small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager
FileRally Collects most recently used and most frequently used files into one virtual folder