Network Tools

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Name Description
Nikto web server security scanner
nmap The Network Mapper
Netdisco Network management and discovery tool
OpenVAS Security Scanner Remote network security auditor, the client
Psiphon Help trusted friends and family members surf the Net freely and securely
Wireshark network traffic analyzer - meta-package
JAP surf the internet anonymously and unobservably
Tor anonymizing overlay network for TCP
Vidalia controller GUI for Tor
FTester Firewall Tester
Nessus Remote network security auditor, the client
Umit network tool and graphical frontend for nmap
PSAD Port Scan Attack Detector
Snort flexible Network Intrusion Detection System
PacketFence Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system
nmap Front End The Network Mapper Front End
TorK An Anonymity Manager For The KDE Desktop
BlockHosts Automatic blocking of abusive IP hosts
I2P Invisible Internet Project (I2P) - anonymous network
sshguard Protects from brute force attacks against ssh
AirDefense Enterprise Wireless LAN Security and WLAN Monitoring
Nipper performs security audits of network device configuration files
Oinkmaster Snort rules manager
Mixmaster Anonymous remailer client and server
KNmap KDE interface to nmap, the Network Mapper