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Name Description
R Project GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system
Quantum GIS Geographic Information System (GIS)
ViPEC Network analyzer for electrical networks
PSPP Statistical analysis tool
Frink practical calculating tool and programming language
SALOME Pre and Post-Processing for numerical simulation
GROMACS Molecular dynamics simulator, with building and analysis tools
Planets Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies
SMath Studio free mathematical program
TiLP TI hand-helds <-> PC communication (transitional dummy package)
Ghemical GNOME molecular modelling environment
OpenEpi Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health
Grid Engine open source batch-queuing system
Shogun Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
LabPlot interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data
Axiom General purpose computer algebra system: main binary and modules
HippoDraw Provides a highly interactive data analysis environment
kSar graph local or remote (via ssh) sar statistics
Viewmol A graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.
EasySpice A graphical frontend to the Spice simulator - Math office productivity suite -- equation editor
XMakemol program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems (OpenGL)
SETI@home SETI@home application for the BOINC client
MOLPHY Program Package for MOLecular PHYlogenetics
freeFEM PDE oriented language using Finite Element Method