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Name Description
Kalzium periodic table and chemistry tools
Chemtool chemical structures drawing program
Achilles An artificial life and evolution simulator
GPeriodic periodic table application
PyMOL Molecular Graphics System
RasMol Visualize biological macromolecules
SeaView Multiplatform interface for sequence alignment and phylogeny
Ghemical GNOME molecular modelling environment
GROMACS Molecular dynamics simulator, with building and analysis tools
Viewmol graphical front end for computational chemistry programs
XMakemol program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems (OpenGL)
MOLPHY Program Package for MOLecular PHYlogenetics
Gromacs GUI graphical user interface for popular molecular dynamics package, GROMACS
xbs 3-d models and movies of molecules
Raster3D tools for generating images of proteins or other molecules
Avogadro Molecular Graphics and Modelling System