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Name Description
Range Software Finite Element Analysis software for engineering simulations
Praat program for speech analysis and synthesis
g3data extract data from scanned graphs
Gnuplot Command-line driven interactive plotting program, version 5
QtiPlot data analysis and scientific plotting
SciGraphica scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics
SALOME Pre and Post-Processing for numerical simulation
LabPlot interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data
OpenDX full-featured software package for the visualization of scientific, engineering and analytical data
kSar graph local or remote (via ssh) sar statistics
aiSee state-of-the-art graph layout software
GPlot a smart front-end for gnuplot
Tulip System dedicated to the visualization of huge data sets as graphs
Neural Designer professional tool for predictive analytics
kst scientific data plotting tool
Hypercube Graph visualizing tool