Project Management

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Name Description
TaskJuggler Project management application
KPlato transitional dummy package for calligraplan
GnoTime utility for tracking and invoicing time spent on projects
activeCollab Open source project management and collaboration tool
Collabtive Web-based project management software
OpenProj Java Project Planner
GanttProject tool for creating a project schedule by means of Gantt chart and resource load chart
dotProject web-based project management tool
Planner project management application
GanttPV Project scheduling software (scriptable, cross-platform, and open source)
Rachota straightforward time tracking
Vondle Project management system
TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management
actiTIME time tracking software for business
2-plan Free Project Management Software
LibrePlan open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control
RationalPlan Easy to use and affordable project management software