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Name Description
Writer's Cafe fiction writing software
View Your Mind (VYM) mindmapping tool
OCS Inventory NG Keep track of computer configuration and software installed on the network
Semantik/Kdissert mindmapping tool
GNUmed Client medical practice management - Client
OpenKiosk open-source multi-platform kiosk system
IRM Web-based asset tracking system for IT departments and help desks
OpenProximity Open Source Proximity Marketing Software Solution
OTRS Open Ticket Request System
Writer's World Maker Novel writing program
GnuConcept A collaborative mindmap tool
Evergreen Open source library system
Celtx Integrated media pre-production and screenwriting app
FreeMind Java Program for creating and viewing Mindmaps
HTMLDOC HTML processor that generates indexed HTML, PS, and PDF
Pessulus lockdown editor for GNOME
OpenMRS open-source, enterprise electronic medical record system framework
OrangeHRM open source HR management
Worklog Keep Track of Time worked on Projects
Request Tracker (RT) Extensible trouble-ticket tracking system
OutKafe free and open-source internet cafe management suite
SugarCRM A complete CRM system for businesses of all sizes.
vtiger CRM Open Source Customer Relationship Management solution
MediTux Clinic Management System
Kiosk Admin Tool tool to configure the KDE kiosk framework