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Name Description
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Innovative messagin and collaboration suite
Orage Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment
Sunbird Sunbird stand-alone Calendar
Evolution groupware suite with mail client and organizer
Osmo personal organizer for GTK+
Scalix Email and calendaring
Day Planner simple calendar program
Lotus Notes Enterprise-class email, calendar, and messaging suite
KOrganizer calendar and personal organizer
Rainlendar A customizable desktop calendar
Calizo the zoomable timeline calendar
Open-Xchange Server Messaging and collaboration server
Wyrd text-based calendar application
Kolab groupware server
Konsole Kalendar konsole personal organizer
Spicebird e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging app
GCALDaemon calendar synchronizer
Gordano Messaging Suite email, calendaring and collaboration messaging suite
PCAL generate Postscript calendars without X
pal command-line calendar program that can keep track of events
Kronolith calendar component for Horde Framework
gcalcli Google Calendar Command Line Interface
qOrganizer featured lightweight graphical organizer
Mozilla Calender dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator
gCalCron use Google Calendar as a frontend for cron-like scheduling