Master Network Monitoring using Packt's new book on Zabbix 1.8

1.8 Network Monitoring,
a new book from Packt,
is a practical guide that will help users monitor network hardware,
servers, and web performance efficiently using Zabbix.
Written by Zabbix system analytic, Rihards Olups, this book offers
readers the insight needed to exploit the versatility of Zabbix as an
IT monitoring suite.

is a network management system application
designed to monitor network services, servers, and other network
hardware. It can be installed on UNIX and Windows and includes
support for monitoring via SNMP, TCP and ICMP checks, IPMI and custom

1.8 is versatile network monitoring agent, but getting started with
the new concepts can be time consuming.
However, this book will guide readers through the common tasks in an
easy and step by step manner, from setting up Zabbix on devices
including Linux and Windows machines; to more advanced topics like
defining and acting upon conditions – temperature being too
high or service being down, notifying user by email, SMS, or
restarting service.

will learn to monitor servers that run on various Unix-like platforms
including Linux, AIX, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. They will also understand
how to convert the gathered data into graphs, pie charts, network
maps and other elements. In addition to this they will also learn to
monitor SNMP (v1, 2, and3) and IPMI devices, use templates to
simplify Zabbix configuration as well as monitor networks by creating
reports and charts using built-in reporting facilities.

With easy step-by-step
instructions and real world examples, new and advanced Zabbix users
will find this book useful. With exact commands provided in this
book, administrators and in-house IT infrastructure managers will
learn to monitor network hardware, servers, and web performance. The
book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information,
please visit