Linux Multimedia Studio help

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and have just downloaded and started to use LMMS. As I'm new to music inputting and editing as well, I'm finding it a little confusing to use.
so if it's ok, I'll ask questions here whenever I think of them and if you guys were able to help me out I'd be so grateful!
first off, is it possible when creating a song to use instruments like piano and strings? the "instrument plugins" that are there are sort of kicker, organics, freeboy - confusing stuff and if possible I'd like to just use standard instrument effects.
second, how do you select a bit of song and copy it and paste it, so that if a drumbeat is going to be the same for 8 bars or something, you don't have to put in the beat 8 times, you can just put in one bar, then copy and paste it, and then add extra effects, drumrolls, etc, to it?
any help greatly appreciated!

You should really check the

You should really check the ubuntu studio forums. There are questions and answers that can help you there. Also Check out linux journal's site too.. Shawn has a bunch of posts and tutorials up about lmms.