Anti Spyware for SUSE 11

I know that anti spyware is not needed on Linux however, I am taking classes still and as a project we have to install a anti spyware on our Linux SUSE 11 server. With this said I am pounding my head on the wall trying to find one. Can anyone assist me with this?

Anti-Spyware Options

They are pretty hard due to find due to the reason you stated. That said, there are a couple.

BitDefender has an anti-spyware component. It's not in any repositories, but it can be downloaded free for personal use.

PacketFence is another option. It does a lot more than spyware so it may be more complicated, but it you don't have to fill out a form to download the RPM file from their website.

I've never actually used either of these myself though.


Thank you

Thanks Chad for the help.

We ended up using BitDefender. You have kept me and my team members from beating our heads against a wall.


I am probably too late but

I am probably too late but in case you ever need again an anti spyware and most likely you will (for personal use), you should try Double Anti Spy, you may find it interesting. I hope you'll also find it helpful.

I have alot of problems on

I have alot of problems on my pc, that i fixed before and the problem is still occuring virtual private server. I even did a destructive recovery, but its happening again. I keep getting this message saying my automatic updates is off best shared hosting, even though it is on when i go to control panel-automatic updates. So I want to know what is a reall good antivirus and antispyware(s) to have hosting reviews.Also, i want to try ubuntu linux, i hear good things about that, is it good to have? is it better than windows so you wont bulk email hosting have to worry too much about viruses?