Automatically email designated files or folders at a specified time interval

Tried many Google searches, and failed, to find a Linux replacement for this program.
42 Better Email Enable Everything (BEEE) 2.24

Here is the program description:

I suppose a good hacker could use bash shell scripts to do this, but I can't.

Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.
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Automatic emails

I haven't run across a GUI program designed to do that, but you should be able to do it through a combination of the sendmail app and cron. Sendmail should be included with your distribution. Cron lets you run a command at pre-defined intervals.

Use Kcron or Gcrontab to set up a simple cron job if you aren't familiar with it already.

Set the job to execute the following instruction where you substitute the email address and filename of your choice.

cat filename | sendmail


I expected cron would be the

I expected cron would be the basis for such a program.
The app needs to scan a given folder, and if a new file is found,
email that file to a list of email addresses.

Also, if a file has changed, size or time, that file needs to be emailed.

Guess that is where good script knowledge comes in.

Thanks for the reply.