app for VPN client to checkpoint

Hello, i want to get rid of windows on my home PC, which has Ubuntu hardy too. I need to connect to my office´s checkpoint via a vpn client, when in windows, i was using Securemote or secureclient, i haven´t found an app to replace it so i can connect my vpn client to my office. any ideas/suggestions?

thanx for your help.

I've come across a number of

I've come across a number of threads about this, but I can't see to find any solution. I also checked the Wine AppDB for Securemote, but it doesn't appear to run successfully.


Linux version or alternative to Checkpoint

I'm in the same boat, trying to build an office image based on Ubuntu but the only 2 applications missing are an Outlook and a Checkpoint alternative, desperatly trying to get rid of Vista!

Outlook alterative

Evolution seems to be the most popular alternative for Outlook because it is possible to connect to an Exchange server with it.

Hopefully someone will come up with a Checkpoint solution soon.


Evolution only works with

Evolution only works with Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003. It does not work (yet) with Exchange 2007.

I'm also looking for a checkpoint solution

evolution working fine with Ex2007 sp1

little bit ugly

SecureClient for Ubuntu

I have spoken to my major accounts manager at Checkpoint and he has passed this over to the developers in Israel so maybe soon.


Evolution works with Exchange 2007 now. You have to get the mapi plugin, and don't use DNS/Net-BIOS Names unless they are in your hosts file.

Torvalds began the

Torvalds began the development of Linux on MINIX and applications written for MINIX were also used under Linux. Later Linux matured and it became possible for Linux to be developed under itself.Also GNU applications replaced all MINIX ones because,ccna voice dumps with code from the GNU system freely available, it was advantageous if this could be used with the fledgling operating system.

app for VPN client to checkpoint

I have the same problem, the solution I made is to install Windows XP under VirtualBox (A free virtual machine by Oracle) and than install SecureClient to this virtual machine.