open source alternative to nuendo / protools w vst support?

does such an object exist? the ONE thing keeping me tied to xp is being able to run nuendo and the vst fx i need for my studio. i would love to drop these, not to mention the $ factor.

so? any ideas?

Have you tried Ardour? It's

Have you tried Ardour? It's one of the premier digital audio workstation products available for Linux. There is a page on their website for building vst support.


be aware that if you do

be aware that if you do build Ardour with vst support you cannot legal use it for a commercial studio

Are you completely sure on that?

From the Ardour page on VST support:

"Please note that it is illegal to build Ardour 2.0 with VST support and then distribute the binary to anyone else. This is because Steinberg continues to refuse to allow redistribution of the otherwise freely available VST SDK. It is therefore not possible for you to comply with the terms of the GPL (i.e. you cannot provide the person you distribute the binary to with all the source code required to build the binary). We hope that one day Steinberg/Yamaha will change the licensing to allow redistribution of the SDK, and then this silly restriction will go away."

OK, so you can't build Ardour with VST support and _give the binaries_ to a commercial studio. I don't see anything in there prohibiting a studio from building Ardour _themselves_ and using it (thus no redistribution is happening).

I don't see anything in that text that says you can't make music commercially with a VST plugin via that route.

I'm searching for a less

I'm searching for a less professional audio software for sonorisation script of my movies as the well-known and industrial leading Protools and Nuendo (as being to high priced for me). Which software has about the same features for audio on video but in a less professional environment website hosting? Is there one beside the 2 mentioned before that is being used by semi-pros who have a tight budget, like me? Beside the normal tasks one can expect from a DAW, I certainly want to mix 5.1 surround (in the package dedicated hosting, not an optional VST), work with MIDI and vst instruments, record voices/instruments and record old records and clean them up free web host (dehiss/decrack etc).