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Hi folks,

Please advise how to find Linux/Unix alternative of "listgarden", RSS Feed Generator Program. Clicking "Alternative" only displays "Windows and OS X Software Alternatives". TIA


ListGarden is in the Linux

ListGarden is in the Linux Apps section. I don't have an alternatives associated with it. The Alternatives sections allows you to browse or search by starting with Windows and OS X apps. If a Linux App has an alternative it will be listed on app's package page.

Noted with thankssatimis

Noted with thanks


Can we do the other way round, finding a Linux alternative of a Windows application?


The Alternatives page is

The Alternatives page is perfect for that. It allows you to start with a known Windows app and it will show you any Linux alternatives that are in the database. If you can't find a Windows app listed that you are starting from let me know and I'll try to find some alternatives. Note that these are alternatives, not clones.

I see. The box of "Windows

I see.

The box of "Windows and OS X Software Alternatives" works both ways, not necessary going through pages.