Request for a program.

First, my apologies if this is in the wrong Area, and if a kind Mod could move it to where it would be appropriate, my thanks.

Second, I am new to Linux, so if this seems a bit odd (because a utility already exists, or the function is already present elsewhere as part of the OS) please forgive my "silly question" & be kind enough to point me in the right direction. =)

I am looking for a timer program.
Something I can set on the desktop, or stick in the SysTray, tell it how long from now I want to be notified, and how I wish to be alerted - "bubble note" hovering over, a chime (or SysBeep), or an audio file from the hard drive.
Much like the "Tea Timer" application, but not specifically for tea. =)
Cooking eggs, macaroni, rice, or other foods; doing laundry; reminder to go check on the paint project, what-have-you.
Just something I can set for anywhere between 24 Seconds & 24 Hours & have it display a message, sound a chime, or play a music file as a way to get my attention.

Does such a program exist, and if so where might I find it?
Thank you for your assistance.


There are some options that can do what you want. Please check out the Schedulers category for a complete list, although it will be broader than your specific request.

KAlarm looks to be the app that will meet your needs best, although KTimer and KDoomsDay can also be used for countdowns. If you ever need to track how much time is being spent on various tasks then KArm will be the way to go.

Thank you. =)

I eventually found KAlarm after refining my search (cough*browsing the entire utilities area manually*cough).
I'd typed in "Timers" and it came up with the TeaTimer program.
I typed in "Clock" & "Alarm Clock", but those didn't do it, either.
I didn't think to try just "Alarm" (which gave me KAlarm, among others)...
(Sheepish Face Palm & silly grin)