iso files

Hello there?

1.-I use centos 5.0 with gnome ass desktop and I am looking for a easy program (rpm) to burn ISO files to CD or DVD. Preferably it can copy CD/DVD as well. In fact a replacement for Nero or grab & burn

2.- is there a player which can play wmv ,AVI, mpg etc without the so called restrictions. I live in Belgium and so far I know those restrictions are not applicable here. I learned that Xine with some lib installation (libxine I believe) in rpm should do the job. However I can't find the lib with google. Can some help ?

many thanks in advance


Managing ISO Files and Playing Videos

For your ISO burning question, K3b comes to mind first. Although it is a KDE program, a lot of people still use it in Gnome. It is the most complete burning program for Linux. It you want a native Gnome app then Brasero will do the job.

I highly recommend VLC as a video player. It will play all the formats without requiring extra codecs to be installed. I recently switched to it because none of the other players would consistently play all of the videos I wanted to watch. I'm actually planning an upcoming blog post about it because I've been so impressed.

iso files

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Thanks for the tip.

I tried K3b but got stuck with dependencies I could not resolve. I will try Brasero.

You are right I should have tought about it as I use it in w*nd*ws XP.

Again many thanks for your illusive answer by return