looking for a server search program

The blog posts have been focused on desktop search, but I'd like a program that indexes a file server. Does anyone have any recommendations?

The usage model might be syncing a code depot/tree/repository periodically and manually (via script) running an index update program. The user interface would likely be a web browser.



server search options

Have you considered using rsync instead needing a search tool? It's great at detecting changes.

Splunk is another interesting tool you could try. It has both command line and web interfaces.

I don't think rsync would

I don't think rsync would work for me as I'd like to index gigabytes of data and my desktop would quickly run out of hard drive space.

Splunk looks like it can do the job, though after a quick look I didn't see how indexing happens. cron, etc. Splunk is mighty expensive. It did give me the idea of talking to the IT department at work. Maybe we already have a tool like this.