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Name Description
Breakage intelligent drum machine
cdlabelgen generates front cards and tray cards for CDs and DVDs
openGogear use your Philips GoGear with Linux
Gneutronica MIDI drum machine for Linux
golb GoGear on Linux boxes
effectv real-time video effect processor
AudioLink makes managing and searching for music easier
GramoFile Transfer sound from gramophone records to CD
EasyH10 Utility to manage the iRiver H10 music player
DeVeDe simple application to create Video DVDs
LiVES Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video
Banshee Media Management and Playback application
Listen music player and manager for GNOME
Exaile flexible, full-featured audio player
Quod Libet audio library manager and player for GTK3
Sonata GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
UltraMixer Professional Digital DJ Solution
Hydrogen advanced drum machine/step sequencer
Slideshow Creator Slideshow Creator
Avifile Player video player for AVI/ASF/WMF files
MP3FS FUSE filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly
LilyPond program for typesetting sheet music
RealPlayer Real Player (installer)
XO Wave digital audio software
Swf-Player Mozilla plugin for SWF files (Macromedia Flash)