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Name Description
Freevo home theater framework - binaries
Maxemum TV-Guide TV-guide
Kalva Lightweight video application
Me TV Me TV, it's TV for me computer
MythTV Personal video recorder application (client and server)
SageTV Media Center for Linux
TVtime television display application
KDE TV TV viewer for KDE
XdTV Video4Linux Stream Capture Viewer and Decoder
XawTV television viewer - X11 application
Video Disk Recorder (VDR) Video Disk Recorder for DVB cards
LinuxMCE complete whole-house media solution
GeeXboX A complete media center OS
TVMosaic gives a mosaic view of the TV channels from a DVB tuner
FreeTuxTV Internet television and radio player
Kvdr DVB (digital TV) Video Disk Recorder for KDE
VDRAdmin-AM Web-based administration tool for vdr
Hulu watch Hulu from your desktop
TV-Browser Digital TV Guide