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Name Description
CAPS Audio Plugin Suite C* Audio Plugin Suite
Muine INotify Plug-in INotify Plugin for the Muine music player
VLC GGI Plug-in GGI video output plugin for VLC
XMMS Goom visualization plug-in for XMMS with a variety of effects
DVD Recording Tools DVD writing program
MythFlix netflix module for MythTV
Kino DV Title Generator title generator for use with kino
Computer Music Toolkit a collection of LADSPA plugins
VLC SVGAlib Plug-in SVGAlib video output plugin for VLC
KDE Multimedia KIO Plug-ins transparent audio CD access for applications using the KDE Platform
XMMS Bump Scope Visualization Plug-in visualization plugin for XMMS that appears as an embossing oscilloscope
XMMS Cross Fader XMMS Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Output
swh-plugins Steve Harris's LADSPA plugins
Quod Libet Plug-ins various contributed plugins for Quod Libet
Avifile XviD Plug-in XviD video encoding plugin for libavifile
Rhythmbox Applet control applet for Rhythmbox music player (transitional package)
tap-plugins Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins
MythDVD DVD add-on module for MythTV
Avifile Win32 Plug-in Win32 audio/video plugin for libavifile
XMMS Skins Skins for XMMS
Avifile MJPEG Plug-in MJPEG video plugin for libavifile
XMMS Cover Viewer XMMS plugin that displays covers while playing
Quod Libet Extentions extensions for the Quod Libet audio player
Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plug-ins Bandlimited wavetable-based oscillator plugins for LADSPA hosts
MythPhone a phone and videophone module for MythTV