Name Description
XMMS Jack Output Plug-in JACK Output plugin for xmms
XMMS ModPlug ModPlug plugin for XMMS
XMMS DeFX A Sound alterator plug-in for xmms
XMMS Shell XMMS Shell - Interface to control XMMS from the Console
XMMS MAD mp3 input plugin for xmms based on libmad
XMMS Festalon Plug-in XMMS Input plugin for playing NSF music files
XMMS Blursk Visualization Plug-in Powerful visualization plugin for XMMS, similar to Blur Scope
XMMS K-Jofol XMMS remote that uses K-Jofol's skins
XMMS Qbble XMMS playlist manager with search support
XMMS mpg123 Japanese Encodings mpeg123 plugin supported Japanese encodings for xmms
XMMS aRts Output aRts Output plugin for xmms
XMMS LADSPA API power XMMS with the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API
XMMS Stats Make stats of your preferred songs
XMMS XMP An experimental XMP plugin for XMMS
XMMS On-Screen Display XMMS plugin using xosd
XMMS RPlay RPlay Output Plugin for XMMS
XMMS Goodnight XMMS plugin to stop playing at a given time
XMMS InfoPipe General plugin for XMMS, reports real-time information to a pipe
XMMS Status Status panel applet for XMMS
XMMS XF86Audio XF86Audio multimedia-key support for XMMS
XMMS WmDiscoTux Tux dancing to the music played by xmms
XMMS MSA spectrum analyzer plugin for XMMS with skin support