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Name Description
XMMS DeFX A Sound alterator plug-in for xmms
XMMS Jack Output Plug-in JACK Output plugin for xmms
XMMS ModPlug ModPlug plugin for XMMS
XMMS mpg123 Japanese Encodings mpeg123 plugin supported Japanese encodings for xmms
XMMS Festalon Plug-in XMMS Input plugin for playing NSF music files
XMMS Qbble XMMS playlist manager with search support
XMMS MAD mp3 input plugin for xmms based on libmad
XMMS K-Jofol XMMS remote that uses K-Jofol's skins
XMMS aRts Output aRts Output plugin for xmms
XMMS Shell XMMS Shell - Interface to control XMMS from the Console
XMMS Stats Make stats of your preferred songs
XMMS XMP An experimental XMP plugin for XMMS
XMMS Blursk Visualization Plug-in Powerful visualization plugin for XMMS, similar to Blur Scope
XMMS RPlay RPlay Output Plugin for XMMS
XMMS On-Screen Display XMMS plugin using xosd
XMMS LADSPA API power XMMS with the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API
XMMS XF86Audio XF86Audio multimedia-key support for XMMS
XMMS InfoPipe General plugin for XMMS, reports real-time information to a pipe
XMMS MSA spectrum analyzer plugin for XMMS with skin support
XMMS Goodnight XMMS plugin to stop playing at a given time
XMMS WmDiscoTux Tux dancing to the music played by xmms
XMMS Status Status panel applet for XMMS