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Name Description
XMMS FLAC Plug-in Free Lossless Audio Codec - XMMS and Beep input plugin
XMMS Video Player XMMS plugin that uses MPlayer to play video files
XMMS FM Radio Plug-in FM Radio input plugin for XMMS
IMMS Unobtrusive, automatic, and learning XMMS playlist manager
XMMS Fine Spectrum Analyzer XMMS Fine Spectrum Analyzer Plugin
XMMS Goom visualization plug-in for XMMS with a variety of effects
XMMS Cross Fader XMMS Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Output
XMMS Bump Scope Visualization Plug-in visualization plugin for XMMS that appears as an embossing oscilloscope
XMMS Find XMMS plugin for quick, remote jump to another song
XMMS Cover Viewer XMMS plugin that displays covers while playing
XMMS Skins Skins for XMMS
XMMS LiveIce XMMS plugin that sends your audio to a shoutcast server
XMMS Volume Normalizer XMMS plugin that gives all songs the same volume level
XMMS Scrobbler XMMS plugin that sends your track information to audioscrobbler
XMMS CD Reader input plugin for XMMS that reads audio data from CDs
XMMS Infinity full-screen visualisation effect for XMMS
XMMS Alarm xmms general plugin for using xmms as an alarm clock
XMMS Synaesthesia visualization plugin for XMMS with a field of glowing lights
XMMS SingIt Display and edit lyrics with XMMS
XMMS SID (C64) input plugin for XMMS that plays SID (C64) tunes
XMMS Jess visualization plugin for XMMS using various 2D and 3D methods
XMMS Iris advanced OpenGL visualization plugin for XMMS
XMMS Infrared Remote Control Linux Infrared Remote Control for XMMS
XMMS Jack xmms output plugin to the jack audio server
XMMS DBMix Output XMMS output interface to the DBMix audio system