Audio/CD Players

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Name Description
VLC multimedia player and streamer
Kaffeine versatile media player for KDE
Amarok easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform
Audacious small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats
Mesk A PyGtk+ audio player
Streamtuner A GUI audio stream directory browser
Songbird Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up
Foobnix Simple and powerful music player for Linux.
XMMS Versatile X audio player
Beep Media Player Versatile audio player that supports Winamp skins
Decibel Audio Player simple and nice music player for the GNOME desktop
Aqualung Gapless Gtk-based audio player
Banshee Media Management and Playback application
Listen music player and manager for GNOME
Quod Libet audio library manager and player for GTK3
Exaile flexible, full-featured audio player
Sonata GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
UltraMixer Professional Digital DJ Solution
RealPlayer Real Player (installer)
FFmpeg Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files
SomaPlayer player audio for the soma suite
Music Player Daemon Music Player Daemon
Rhythmbox music player and organizer for GNOME
Lsongs Music player and manager
Juk Music Player music jukebox / music player