Internet & Networking


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Name Description
Nikto web server security scanner
nmap The Network Mapper
SafeSquid Content filtering internet proxy
Konversation user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE
KLone embedded web application development framework
Claws Mail Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK2 based email client
MySecureShell Secure FTP server
Galeon GNOME web browser for advanced users
Cherokee Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server
uGet easy-to-use download manager written in GTK+
Sage transitional dummy package
IceWarp customizable and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange
Opera Web Browser Fast and secure web browser and Internet suite
MountISO Konqueror plug-in for managing image files
Guarddog Firewall firewall configuration utility for KDE
KTorrent BitTorrent client based on the KDE platform
AcetoneISO feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images
qBittorrent bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt4 GUI
Nagios A host/service/network monitoring and management system
Mumble Low latency encrypted VoIP client
FrostWire High quality, FREE peer-to-peer application
Simple Manager desktop Open Source software for managing bookmarks in
TightVNC Viewer virtual network computing client software for X
Netdisco Network management and discovery tool
OpenVPN virtual private network daemon