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Name Description
aKregator Konqueror Plug-in konqueror plugin for aKregator
mod_cband An Apache 2 module for bandwidth limiting the webserver
Cervisia graphical CVS client
mod_php5 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module)
Qt Cryptographic Architecture TLS Plug-in TLS plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)
Epiphany Web Browser Extensions Extensions for Epiphany web browser
KDE Add-ons KFile Plug-ins KDE file dialog plugins for text files and folders
Text-to-Speech Plug-ins text-to-speech plugins for Konqueror and Kate
SquidGuard filter and redirector plugin for Squid
KMRML a Konqueror plugin for searching pictures
MozPlugger Plugin allowing external viewers to be launched inside Mozilla
XChat X-Sys x-chat plugin that can display your current system statistics
Mozilla Personal Security Manager dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator
mod_svn Apache Subversion server modules for Apache httpd
KFileReplace batch search-and-replace component
mod_php4 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (apache 2 module)
KSVG SVG viewer for KDE
mod_apreq2 generic Apache request library - Apache module
Firefox GNOME Network File System Support Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
Licq MSN Plug-in MSN plug-in for Licq
mod_auth_sys_group Module for Apache2 which checks user against system group
Mozilla Flash Plug-in Installer Macromedia Flash Player
XChat System Tray xchat systray notification icon
Licq Gtk Plug-in Jon's GTK+ front-end plug-in for Licq
KSig graphical tool for managing multiple email signatures