File Sharing


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Name Description
Museek+ Qt client for museekd
TED torrent episode downloader
Broadcast Machine publish video files and create internet TV channels
PySoulSeek client for SoulSeek filesharing system
GTorrentViewer BitTorrent MetaInfo viewer/editor
RivetTracker BitTorrent tracker
Hybrid Share User Friendly app that allows Mac, Windows and Linux users to share files
BitTorrent Original BitTorrent client - GUI tools
Snakebite Stand-alone BitTorrent server
QP2M open source peer 2 mail application
Localhost Access a shared, world-wide file system through your web browser
giFT Server filesharing daemon from the giFT project
Meiga light and easy content server for your desktop
Minus drag-n-drop photos, music, documents and files into the taskbar and instantly upload onto Minus
Apollon KDE-based interface to the giFT file-sharing system
Insync Google Drive for power and business users
giFT metapackage for the giFT filesharing system
giFTui Graphical user interface to giFT using GTK+2
Lopster A Napster client using the GTK UI
giFToxic GTK2 based GUI for the giFT filesharing system
KNapster A KDE clone of the windows Napster client
giFTcurs text-based interface to the giFT file-sharing system
Dukto Easy multi-platform file and text transfer tool