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Name Description
Picasa Photo organizer
MaPiVi Photo viewer and organizer with emphasis on IPTC fields
Earth3D Map client displaying a 3D model of the world
SMILE Slideshow Maker
Tesseract OCR Tesseract command line OCR tool
Kooka scanner program for KDE
KFlickr KDE application to upload photos to Flickr
LinuxCAD Drafting program
KSnapshot screen capture tool
Istanbul Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video
Tux Paint Paint program for young children
AC3D Create 3D models
Raw Therapee raw image converter and digital photo processor
XnView View and convert graphics files
DjVu Viewer Transition package, djview3 to djview4
Electric electrical CAD system
Byzanz small screencast creator
Metapixel generator for photomosaics
nip2 spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool
view3ds Simple viewer for 3D Studio files
Therion Cave surveying - 2D and 3D drawing software
Kim image service menu for Konqueror
scrot command line screen capture utility
LPROF Hardware Color Profiler
ALE synthetic capture engine and renderer