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Name Description
KFlickr KDE application to upload photos to Flickr
ImageMagick image manipulation programs -- binaries
Ocrad Optical character recognition program
YafRay a modern, xml-speaking raytracing-based rendering system
Gimp Resynthesizer Plug-in Transitional package for gimp-plugin-registry
KDE Image Plug-in Interface image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware programs
DCraw decode raw digital camera images
GraphicsMagick ImageMagick Interface image processing tools providing ImageMagick interface
Scanner Plug-in A Qt based SANE plugin for GIMP 2.0
gocr Command line OCR
Gimp Animation Package animation package for the GIMP
Pandora GIMP Plugin For Creating Panoramas
Ogre Cg Program Manager Plug-in Ogre plugin: CgProgramManager
netpbm Graphics conversion tools between image formats
Blender Exporter for Ogre Blender Exporter for OGRE
Digikam Image Plug-ins image editor plugins for digikam and showfoto
Extra Brushes, Palettes, and Gradients Extra brushes and patterns for GIMP
gtkam Gimp Plug-in gtkam gimp plugin to open digital camera pictures
Python Modules and Plug-ins Python support and plugins for GIMP
RAW Conversion GIMP plug-in for loading RAW digital photos
Scalable Vector Graphics SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) plugin for The GIMP
Gimp Texturize Plug-in generates large textures from a small sample
DiMAGE Conversion GIMP plugin to convert Minolta DiMAGE pictures to sRGB colour space