Conversion Tools

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Name Description
Hugin panorama photo stitcher - GUI tools
SWF Tools Collection of utilities for SWF file manipulation/creation
Bibble Professional Workflow and RAW Conversion software
Raw Therapee raw image converter and digital photo processor
XnView View and convert graphics files
Kim image service menu for Konqueror
ImageMagick image manipulation programs -- binaries
GraphicsMagick collection of image processing tools
Potrace utility to transform bitmaps into vector graphics
jpeg2ps Tool to include a jpeg into eps
Rawstudio RAW image converter
sam2p convert raster images to EPS, PDF, and other formats
AutoTrace bitmap to vector graphics converter
UFRaw standalone importer for raw camera images
netpbm Graphics conversion tools between image formats
transfig transitional dummy package for fig2dev
WebMagick create gallery thumbnails for website
imgvtopgm PalmPilot/III Image Conversion utility
Converseen batch image converter and resizer