Role Playing

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Name Description
Neverwinter Nights Single and multiplayer D&D based role playing game
NetHack dungeon crawl game - Qt interface
Stendhal Multiplayer online adventures game
Regnum Online Free MMORPG
Battle for Wesnoth Map Editor map editor for Wesnoth (transitional package)
Battle for Wesnoth fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite (metapackage)
AdventureQuest Online role-playing game
Eternal Lands Client package for Eternal Lands, a free MMORPG
Tibia massive multiplayer online role playing game
Arkhart former world for Arkrpg
Tome A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game.
Sacred Gold Action role-playing game
Project Diaspora Single and multiplayer space fighter combat game
Lost Labyrinth Roquelike computer roleplaying game
Falcon's Eye A port of NetHack using SDL
The Mana World The Mana World is a 2D MMORPG
DOFUS tactical MMORPG with 2D graphics
xBaK A fan-made remake of "Betrayal at Krondor"
KMuddy MUD client for KDE desktop environment
PlaneShift 3D fantasy role playing game (MMORPG)
Crossfire Map Editor Map editor for the Crossfire Gameset
Hero of Allacrost single player, 2D sprite-based role playing game
Glest Dummy transition package for megaglest
EVE Online a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game
Daimonin free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG)