Role Playing

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Name Description
Neverwinter Nights Single and multiplayer D&D based role playing game
NetHack dungeon crawl game - Qt interface
Stendhal Multiplayer online adventures game
Regnum Online Free MMORPG
Battle for Wesnoth Map Editor map editor for Wesnoth (transitional package)
Battle for Wesnoth fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite (metapackage)
AdventureQuest Online role-playing game
Eternal Lands Client package for Eternal Lands, a free MMORPG
Tibia massive multiplayer online role playing game
Arkhart former world for Arkrpg
Tome A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game.
Sacred Gold Action role-playing game
Project Diaspora Single and multiplayer space fighter combat game
Lost Labyrinth Roquelike computer roleplaying game
Falcon's Eye A port of NetHack using SDL
The Mana World The Mana World is a 2D MMORPG
DOFUS tactical MMORPG with 2D graphics
KMuddy MUD client for KDE desktop environment
xBaK A fan-made remake of "Betrayal at Krondor"
PlaneShift 3D fantasy role playing game (MMORPG)
Hero of Allacrost single player, 2D sprite-based role playing game
Crossfire Map Editor Map editor for the Crossfire Gameset
Glest Dummy transition package for megaglest
EVE Online a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game
Daimonin free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG)