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Name Description
MATLAB high-level technical computing language and interactive environment
Kig interactive geometry tool for KDE
KMPlot mathematical function plotter for KDE
Maxima Computer algebra system -- base system
OpenEuclide 2D geometry software
GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics software for education
Mathomatic portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
SMath Studio free mathematical program
TuxMath math game for kids with Tux
X Abacus simulation of the ancient calculator (Motif version)
MathWar A flash card game designed to teach simple maths
GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System Mathematical & Statistical System
Cantor interface for mathematical applications
Rocs graph theory IDE
KBruch fraction learning aid for KDE
Xeukleides System for drawing and viewing Euclidean geometry figures
KPercentage percentage calculation teaching tool for KDE