Most Viewed

Name Description
doxWiki simple-to-use Wiki
Drupal fully-featured content management/discussion engine
NetBeans Extensible Java IDE
APTonCD Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT
Qt4 Designer graphical designer for Qt 4 applications
Qt4 Development Tools Qt 4 development tools - Impress office productivity suite -- presentation
Meld graphical tool to diff and merge files
Arkrpg roleplaying kernel
gnome-blog GNOME application to post to weblog entries
VDKBuilder RAD for VDK
AGI Studio IDE for creating early Sierra style AGI games
Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal - SDK dependency package
KEWL.NextGen Learning Management System
CrossVC graphical CVS frontend
JDeveloper Premier Integrated Java Development Environment
IntelliJ IDEA intelligent Java IDE
LogJam Client for LiveJournal-based sites
TurboGears Python-based web framework
Hobix flexible generation of static blogs
Rapple a lightweight XML based tool for creating websites
Worlded world editor for Arkrpg
Torque The definitive 3D game engine for serious developers
Salasaga Open Source eLearning IDE
Gambas Visual development environment for the Gambas programming language